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Click Here To Download Syllabus.-School opens admission from the first week of January.-|-School has been providing the best Education with a law and affordable price for last 2 & half decade.-|-School has limited seats i.e. 30-35 in each class-based section, Admission is subject to first come first serve policy.-|-Session 2016 - 17 is being celebrated as the year of Discipline.

Welcome to Lord Krishna Public School
"Children must be taught how to think not what to think. And it does not matter where you have come from, it matters where you are going." Education does not mean mere reading & writing, it bears something deeper meaning-Education creates the ability to earn worldly possessings just to make bread & butter, but it inwakes us internally. Only then one can be able to think what is right or wrong.

Lord Krishna Public School, obviously has been making efforts to inculcate such traits as to make them think positively towards all aspects of life.

Literature, in the shape of school magazine is a great means of expression from the voices of young ones. Articles, poems and facts are actually the reflection of students, that casts a deep impact on readers. This is my pious duty to encourage the students as they can move ahead. I specially congratulate the editor Ms. Pooja Singhwal and her team Smt. Vimlesh Sharma (Hindi), Smt. Babita Sharma (English) and Sh. Anil Kumar (GK & Facts) that made day & night tireless efforts to make this happen. The name "Varda" stands for Maa Saraswati. May the goddess bless the school with knowledge, learning, devotion & dedication.
Educationist, Journalist, Writer, Poet, Thinker, Life Coach

From the Editor's Desk
This is a time of great changes. In education too we see fast changes. The students today have feelings of self-respect, sensitivity, responsibility and compassion. We need to recognize, appreciate, applaud and foster the fine blend of sensibilities in a child - and thus this Patrika - Varda is to be viewed as a launch pad for the children's creative urges to blossom naturally. As the saying goes, mind like parachute works best when opened. This humble initiative is to set the budding minds free allowing them to roam free in the realm of imagination and experience to create a world of beauty in words.

Lord Krishna Public School attains its eminence in the first place through the achievement of children. This has been given enough print space in the Patrika - Varda also espouses the school spirit which is built up within the school through the collective actions, thoughts and aspirations. All these, I believe would spur higher growth and enterprise in children.

My special thanks to Director Sir and the Principal for privileging me for this noble cause and gratefulness to the teachers, students and all staff to support and co-operate into the making of this beautiful Galaxy of Words.
Pooja Singhwal

1 Click Here To Download Syllabus.
1 School opens admission from the first week of January.
2 School has completed it's 25 years of Academic Excellence.
3 School has been providing the best Education with a law and affordable price for last 2 & half decade.
4 Sports week is to be celebrated generally in the month of November.
5 Wise-club membership is on but it will be closed on 10th of November.
6 Annual Function is likely to be celebrated in the month of February or March.
7 School has limited seats i.e. 30-35 in each class-based section, Admission is subject to first come first serve policy.
8 In our bottom class nursery admission remains open through out the season.
9 All session in last decades we have practiced as the year of Excellence.
10 Session 2016 - 17 is being celebrated as the year of Discipline.

School Magazine
'Varda' - School Magazine
It encourages the art of writing amongst the student and trains the young minds to express themselves freely.
A school magazine is conducted by the teachers and the students. The school magazine is not like an ordinary monthly magazine. The school magazine is meant only for the students of the particular school. Each of them gets a copy of the magazine. It is generally published once or twice a year. School magazines are useful in many ways. Many of the students do not read books other than their text­books. Their knowledge cannot increase if they do not read out-books.If we are to write an article for the magazine, we must necessarily read many new books. Thus it widens our knowledge. A student’s mind is filled with joy and pride when he sees that his article has appeared in print and it encourages him to write more articles for the magazine. If a fellow-student writes an article for the school magazine, others may be inspired to follow his example. If the students practice writing for the school magazine, their style of writing will be much improved. In this way, many of them may be good writers in future.Thus the school magazine helps us in developing our power of writing. It increases our power of thinking also. Student editors get a training about how to perform responsible duties.